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What jobs can a handyman do in my house?

If you live in a house or chalet, you definitely require varied maintenance and cleaning routines for your residence than those who live in a flat. Each home is different and needs different care to be always ready. At Instafix handyman London, we know how to take care of every detail of your home. We have been serving Londoners for over a decade and have many more happy clients than ever. That is why we offer the Home Handyman service, which helps make home repairs that may be tedious or stressful, especially if you are not very handy. Below we explain handyman services in detail.

Most frequent assistance from a home handyman service

What are the most requested assistants to a DIY service? We will list them below.

1) Hanging curtains

Both the installation of the supports for the rod and the fact of hanging the curtain are one of the most requested services linked to a handyman.

2) Lamp placement

Lamps are another of the significant challenges of the home. There are light sockets that are difficult to access and therefore make installation difficult.

3) Faucet changes

The facets of the bathtub, sink, bidet, or kitchen have a mechanism that requires tools and knowledge to make adjustments or changes.

4) Fixing / changing blinds

Changing and fixing blinds is a complicated task. If the mechanism and steps to follow are unknown, it can become difficult to solve without professional help.

5) Assembling furniture, placing shelves or shelves

Assembling furniture or putting shelves can be more complicated than it seems. Not in vain, this assistance is one of the most requested of the handyman service.

6) Electrical repairs

Replacing light sockets or switches, bulbs, neon tubes, fluorescents, and primers (no change of location). Creation of new light points, sockets, or TV (surface installation).

Installation of gutters to hide cables.

7) Window Repair:

If you have any work related to your home or office windows, Instafix Handyman London can come to your assistance.

Window repairing includes the removal, cleanup, or changing the broken glasses and the window frame. The entire window removal can also be arranged.

8) Home Upgrade Installation:

This handyman service includes installing all the smart home devices by a professional guy who already understands the device’s mechanics. It is essential to hire someone who already understands such devices, as there are different brands in the market, and you don’t want to get the guy to stand there looking confused with the device in his hand.

9) Tiles Installation:

Tile Installation may sound a simple job, but it has its own critical parts. For example, cutting and measuring the tiles according to the space edges and installing tiles accurately stops crooked layouts and misused places.

10) Gutter Cleaning:

Cleaning the gutters might not be on top of your list, but it’s vital to keep your home maintained. Instead of doing it yourself, you can hire a handyman who can do it using professional tools. Cleaned gutters can keep you safe from many accidents.

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