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How to choose a good “handyman”

If doing reforms at home already entails a series of headaches (how much will I spend, how will it be, how long will it take), deciding how you are going to carry them out is no less critical. The bravest, and why not say it, sometimes unsuspecting, are often inclined to do the jobs themselves. Nothing happens if it is a more straightforward task, but it is essential to go to a professional in many cases. How to know if we have chosen well? The Difficulty you face while working with a handyman London who cannot do the task the correct manner, you might end up paying extra for a poor job.

All you have to do is find a capable handyman who can do your job professionally with the best affordable budget.

Read below as we have penned down some crucial things you should know before taking any action.

There are several points in which you can fix when hiring a “handyman” for your reform. Here is a summary so you can start looking. Take note:

– If you know someone who has recently made a reform, and above all, who is satisfied with the result, do not hesitate to ask him to pass on the contact. Everyone knows that the right professional is worth his weight in gold.

– Something fundamental is always to hire professionals registered in the self-employed regime and offer all the guarantees. Do not fall into the temptation to do without the invoice to save VAT: your invoice is your guarantee. If the reform does not go well or you have to fix something posteriori, you can only get the problem solved with the bill ahead.

– Ask for several estimates. Even if it involves extra work, “look, compare and find something better…” is always a good idea.

– If the reform involves a significant purchase of material (ceramic tiles, floors), check if you should buy it on your own, or do it through the “handyman” or the company. In industrial estates and warehouses, they have series remains at excellent prices; in other cases, the workers are aware of the balances.

Make sure that the guy working for you has insurance. A license is not compulsory to work as a handyman; however, they must hold civil liability insurance. The last thing you want is paying for the damages in case of an accident while working with a handyman.

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